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Branston History

Branston Golf & Country Club has come a long way since the golf course first opened in 1975 near the River Trent opposite Drakelow Hall. Portakabins provided the facilities until 1994 when the new 22,000 sq ft Clubhouse opened; this was the culmination of four years hard work with planning starting in 1991 and construction commencing in 1992.

The club has continued to develop over the years, with the most recent addition being The Pavilion which opened in 2005.

By the river Trent opposite Drakelow Hall

1975 - Course opened

1990 – Lease acquired. The Clubhouse was in a series of portakabins

1991 – Plans for a new 22,000sq ft Clubhouse were unveiled

1992 – Construction started

1994 – The new Clubhouse was officially opened

2005 – The Pavilion opened