Branston Golf & Country Club

Local Rules

1. Out of bounds:

(a) Beyond any line of white stakes bordering the course, including any part of the Eagle Course;

(b) To the right-hand side of the fourth fairway beyond the white stakes;

(c) Beyond the ditch behind the fourth green (the ditch itself is a red penalty area);

(d) In or beyond the River Trent;

(e) Beyond the lighting support posts in front of the Clubhouse patio, to the rear of the 18th green;

(f) Beyond the path to the right of the 18th green between the Clubhouse patio and the bridge

2. Obstructions:

(a) Staked trees (a free drop at the nearest point of relief MUST be taken in order to avoid damage to saplings);

(b) Both red and yellow stakes marking penalty areas are moveable obstructions and players are entitled to relief from them under Rule 15.2;

(c) The white stakes defining out of bounds to the right of the fourth hole that are placed on the third and fifth holes are to be regarded as immoveable obstructions on those holes only

3. No play areas :

The greenkeepers’ waste areas: (a) to the left of the 10th hole; and (b) between the third and fifth holes, both of which are marked by blue stakes, are No Play Areas and players MUST take free relief up to one club-length from the point of entry, no nearer the hole.

4. Integral parts of the course

No constructions on the course are deemed to be integral parts of the course. (Rule 16-1)

5. Lost balls

All balls lost or abandoned within the general area of the course become the property of Branston Golf and Country Club.

6. Penalty areas:

(a) The pond behind the 9th green is a red penalty area;

(b) The ditch behind the 4th green is a red penalty area (beyond the penalty area itself is out of bounds).

7. Overhead lines

A ball striking any pylon or overhead power line MUST be discounted and replayed without penalty.

8. 9th and 18th Holes

If, when playing the 9th and 18th holes, a player’s ball is known or is virtually certain to be in either the penalty area surrounding the 9th green or the penalty area in front of the 18th green the player MAY:
(a) proceed under Rule 17.1;
or (b) drop a ball, under penalty of one stroke, in the dropping zone.

9. 3rd hole

If, when playing the third hole, a ball comes to rest in the lake before the bridge that links the third green to the fourth tee, players MUST:

(a) Proceed under Rule 17-1; or

(b) Drop a ball, under penalty of one stroke, in the dropping zone.

10. Drains to putting greens 

Drains positioned within the area of putting greens are immoveable obstructions and relief should be taken under Rule 16.1.

11. Temporary Ground Under Repair

All impressed tractor or tyre marks, cracks in the ground, tree stumps that have been ground out but are not yet covered in grass that is being mowed and animal dung adhering to a ball are to be treated as temporary abnormal ground conditions and relief MAY be taken under Rule 16.1.

12. Exposed tree roots

If a player’s ball is at rest in the general area and there is interference to their swing (but not stance) from an exposed tree root, the tree root is to be treated as ground under repair and the player may take free relief under Rule 16.1.

13. Penalty for breach of any Local Rule:

General Penalty: Loss of hole in match play or two strokes stroke play.

14. Preferred lies (winter only)

When a player’s ball lies on a closely mown area (fairways, approaches to the green, and green fringes only), the player may prefer the lie within 6 inches.