Golf Members Rules Evening

May 27, 2016

Golf Members Rules Evening - Friday 3rd June 2016 at 7pm in the St. Andrew’s room

Paul Allan is a member of Branston and also of our Club Committee. As a qualified Golf referee he has very kindly offered to put on a rules evening for our Golf Members on Friday 3rd June.

We will be taking a light-hearted look at the rules of golf in an attempt to make it easier to navigate our way around the rules book. Paul hopes to enlighten us regarding both rules and procedures to make them more accessible and understandable. This should help us all feel more confident in using rules to our advantage. Working knowledge of ‘Rules of Golf’ is empowering in Matchplay situations, helps you make the best choices to save shots and avoid penalties or even disqualification.

The evening will start with how to navigate quickly around the rules book, focusing on the rules used on the golf course. We will then show a film made at Branston Golf and Country Club putting rules into action so that you can see how, and where each rule comes in to effect. This visual will hopefully put the sometimes complicated rule explanations into context.

This will be informal as well as informative and should make the rules easier for you to access and absorb.

Following this, there will be an R and A quiz and, of course, questions and answers will be taken throughout the evening.

Please support Paul as he has put a great deal of time and effort into this evening. Either book your names on the sheet in the locker rooms or ring the Golf Lodge on 01283 528 320.

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