Getting into the Christmas Spirit(s)…

Sep 21, 2016

Getting into the Christmas Spirit(s)…

Think Christmas and you may think of the glorious flavours and smells that we all associate with this wonderful time of the year…cinnamon, apple, orange and ginger.

But what if you could put all of these evocative flavours and smells in one glass!!! Well you can and you can get the party started with one of our elegant Christmas Cocktails that is befitting of the great Gatsby himself.

Our Christmas Martini is packed with festive spirit! Smirnoff™ Cinnamon Liqueur and Ciroc™ Apple Vodka is mixed with Orange Juice and Ginger Ale to evoke all those memories of Christmas' past and guarantee that your party will start with a bang!

Attending one of our Christmas Great Gatsby themed Party Nights? Start the party early by making one of our cocktails at home...

Christmas Martini

Glass: Well Chilled Martini Glass

1 part Smirnoff™ Cinnamon Liqueur

1 part Cîroc™ Apple Vodka

2 Part Orange Juice

Dash of Sugar Syrup

Top up with Ginger Ale


  1. Chill your Martini glass with ice whilst you mix your cocktail
  2. Into a shaker, put 2 scoops of ice
  3. Pour over 25ml of Smirnoff™ Cinnamon Liqueur and 25ml of Cîroc™ Apple Vodka
  4. Pour in about 75ml of Fresh Orange Juice and a Dash of sugar syrup and seal the shaker
  5. Shake vigorously for about 35-45 seconds
  6. Empty the Martini Glass and strain the cocktail into the glass
  7. Top up with Ginger Ale
  8. Garnish with a slice of Orange and serve

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