Gavin's Course Report

Oct 28, 2016

* Important Notice *

The 3rd hole upgrades will be started on Monday 31st October and finished on Friday 4th November (5 Days). The ‘Championship’ course will only be 17 holes for the duration of the 5 days.

Thank you for your patients, during this time.

Gavin - Course Manager

14th August 2016: Greens Work.
  1. The greens are good at the moment and we are happy with how they are coming on. We will continue with our normal schedule of hand cutting and rolling.
  2. The sprinklers are on every night with this hot spell we are encountering and we are using 25,000 litres a day and hand watering the higher parts of the greens.
  3. We have tried to work on the patches on the greens but with the rain, this is proving tricky. We have scheduled in to put drainage work in on these areas at the beginning of our winter program.
  4. The second green has been forked and seeded to try and recover it. The 17th green will be seeded next week.

Bunker work.

  1. We have edged, drained and topped up with sand now on 27 bunkers on the Championship course and 23 bunkers on the Eagle course. We have identified more 6 problem bunkers on the main course that need attention and we are looking to do 3 of them with some volunteer members on 18th August, with the plan to do the other 3 if it goes well.
  2. All edges of bunkers are strimmed every three weeks and all grass bunkers are cut weekly.

Tee work.

  1. All par three tees are divoted twice a week. We fill the divot boxes up at this time. The divots are taken off the tee’s when they are cut on Mondays and Fridays.


  1. We are really pleased with our fairways at the moment and will next be slitted in the October work.


  1. The rough has now been cut to a height of 1 ½ inches and growth has now slowed down (thank the lord!!) to normal summer conditions. The first cut has now been put in.

Tree Work.

  1. The electric board have a program to take out all trees directly under the pylons and the other trees will be trimmed so no trees are within 9 metres of the wires. Trees have been taken out so far on holes 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 14 & 17. They have been in to thin out some of the trees on the right hand side of the 3rd as part of the new hole changes this will continue through August.
  2. We are looking to finish off the cutting of lower branches around the course.

Water Hazards.

  1. The pump on the 14th hole which brings the water out of the trent and brings it around the course has been repaired and water is now flowing in. The hazards are filling up nicely and some work has been done clearing out while the pump was off. The water hazard work is ongoing.
  2. Some areas have been cleared but with the grass cutting extra work this year we haven’t been able to clear all ditches as well as we did the last two years. This is a continua’s job over the next few months and we are aware of it.
  3. The posts have been changed over from yellow to red (lateral water hazard) on the right of the first green.
  4. Hazard lines will be again burned the week starting 15th August and will take a week to show.

Path Work.

  1. Replenishing of the red pave on pathways throughout the course will be started Tuesday 9th August.


  1. The pathway to the new third tee bridge will be trimmed and tidied up next week.
  2. The out of bounds behind the second hole has now been corrected.
  3. The grass cutting around the course will be moved over the next coming weeks. We know they look scruffy but these piles are due to the heavy growing conditions and all grass is picked up after much mowing. We didn’t want this grass left in the rough and semi rough and was the lesser of two evils. This will be moved.

Gavin – Course Manager

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