Branston's Course Update

Apr 27, 2017

As we are coming in to the main playing season here at Branston, we at the club think it is the ideal time to update members on the past, current and future plans for the golf course and also keep everyone abreast of the ongoing endeavours to maintaining the course. Our aim is to present the courses to the highest standards on a consistent basis.

Moving forward we will be looking to produce these updates every quarter to keep members informed on the work being carried out on the course and the reasons behind this work.

Over the winter period there has been some project work undertaken, namely the improvements to the 3rd hole, the creation of the new short game area, improvements to the 1st tee area and the switching of the 12th and 14th holes.

The 1st tee area and the short game area will be finished off in the next few weeks, and I think all of these projects have added to the facility. The improvement work to the bunkers has now been completed and these are looking and playing much better than they have previously. I am aware of some teething troubles with the changing of the 12th and 14th holes, but I do think we need to let the changes bed in and see how golfers adapt to the change over the season before coming to an ultimate conclusion.

It is important to remember we are in a fortunate position where the club can invest in these projects to improve the overall facility and put Branston in a strong position relative to many other clubs. We must also remember however that these projects shouldn’t take away from the overall appearance and playability of the course on a day to day basis, and this will be our main focus for the year ahead

The start of the year has been a strange one weather wise. Storm Doris started it off, knocking out the club digger, which will be replaced in the coming weeks, followed by a very wet period in the lead up to Captains drive in, which was then followed by an unseasonably dry and cold period of around two weeks. This has left the course with a few challenging areas, mainly some fusarium patches on a small number of the greens, and a lack of growth in some of the shorter mown areas as well as the greens themselves.

We have addressed this with a sanding of the greens, 2 tonnes per green to help smooth the surface and improve the roll of the ball. This has been helped by the irrigation system being serviced which is now up and running for the season. The greens will then be fertilised to aid growth as temperatures are still very low at night for the time of year. It goes without saying that all this work has been undertaken on both 18 hole and the Eagle courses and having personally played at 4 top venues in the UK in the last 4 weeks we are certainly in a strong position in relation to other courses moving through spring.

As mentioned the main focus for the year will be to continuously improve and maintain the condition of both the Eagle and Championship courses, alongside this work we are scheduled to re-lay some tees later in the year to help improve the overall playability of the courses and repair damage to green surrounds by overseeding and fertilizing these areas. Moving forward we ask members if they could help the speed of recovery to these areas by keeping both themselves and trollies clear of walkways between bunkers and greens and avoiding heavily worn walkways.

I have spoken with several members regarding the soil removed from the water hazard on the 3rd hole which now sits between holes 3 and 5. This will be removed when the ground is dry enough that trucks can be brought on to the site without causing too much damage. We also need a working digger for this, which as I mentioned is being replaced in the upcoming weeks. Until this happens the area has been clearly marked as GUR and golfers can take relief accordingly. Your patience with this area is appreciated.

We hope you found this update both interesting and informative and if it has raised any questions for you please don’t hesitate to get in touch with myself or the golf team.

We would like to wish you all the best with your golf for the upcoming season and we look forward to seeing you all out on the course soon.

Best Regards

Tom Storrar

Golf Manager

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