​How to motivate yourself on ‘off’ days

Jan 16, 2018

Particularly on the cold January days, it can be hard to find the motivation to slip on the trainers and make your way up to the gym. Pyjama bottoms seem a lot more enticing than a pair of lycra leggings.

Here are ways to make your trip to the gym easier and kick the January blues;

The first step is developing a mantra, a few words to motivate you to just get moving can be all it takes, your mantra can be anything from a cheesy motivational quote to a few simple instructive words that tell you exactly what to do.

Plan plan plan! Tell yourself the night before what you are going to do and do it. Lay out your gym kit. Or even sleep in it if that makes it any easier. Then when you wake up you’ve already taken the first step and you’ll be more motivated to start your day right.

“We become what we repeatedly do.” Habits create structure, so wake up at the same time everyday and go to the gym at the same time everyday. Structure will make it clear in you mind what you need to do and when you need to do it.

Buddy up. Going to the gym with a friend will make it a lot easier and more enjoyable. You’ll be more accountable and less likely to bail out if you’ve already agreed to go with a friend.

Set yourself a goal and visualise yourself achieving that goal, whether that’s running continuously for more than 3 minutes or gaining a set of chiselled abs. If you imagine yourself with your dream body or in your ideal fitness state you are move likely and motivated to pursue your goal.

Most importantly, THINK you can do this. Believing you can is the first step.

However if none of the above are enough to get you to the gym try setting yourself a reward if you do go. Think for every hour in the gym, you could treat yourself to a meal in the clubhouse or a massage in the salon. 

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