Lose that fear of the Gym...

Jan 05, 2018

I hate the gym! Well I used to. Like most women, the thought of putting on those skin tight leggings and an arm showing, stomach exposing vest top, would fill me with utter dread - and thats before I've even stepped anywhere near a gym! Just the thought of making my way into an environment like a gym that is full of 'pretty' people elegantly running on a treadmill with not even one bead of sweat on their forehead would give me a feeling of anxiety and do nothing for my self confidence. For me a gym was a place for muscle heads, gorgeous women gliding on the cross trainer and over confident, cocky instructors who make you feel inadequate because you can't run for more than a minute without being red faced, out of breath and getting a stitch! All of that was true until I started working at Branston Golf & Country Club. Having worked here for nearly a year and for the reasons above I had not ventured into the gym until a new year's challenge was laid down – be the Boot Camp Winner. The concept is simple. Get weighed at the start, eat healthy and measure your workouts in the middle and then get weighed again at the end. The person who has lost the most and improves the most wins!

The challenge was on, which meant I had to overcome my fears and anxieties and get my (at the time) large behind in the gym. Meeting up with Louis, one of the gym instructors for my induction was my first step on the ladder to a healthier, fitter me. We went through all the equipment, the different areas of the gym and the classes that I might like. My guard started to drop slightly. I could manage a cross trainer and a treadmill! It wasn't so scary. So on my first visit I managed 20 minutes – an achievement and something to build on! After a couple of weeks I started to see the weight dropping – encouraged by this and with an increased confidence I ventured out into a class – Spin. Now I had always been very anti-spin. It looked like 45 minutes of pure hell. But I was reassured that it was a great workout, that I could take it at a pace I was comfortable with and if I didn't like it I didn't have to do it again. Well. Something clicked in that first class. The lights, the energy, the music, the encouragement, the sheer fun!!!! It totally changed my view and I have been hooked ever since! Now about a month into the challenge my weight had dropped and I was going to the gym and in particular Spin 3 or 4 times a week but I had started to plateau and need something extra. This is when I turned to the gym staff for help. Weight training is the answer they said. WEIGHT TRAINING!!!!! I can't do that I said! I hadn't ventured down that area of the gym before and all those anxieties came flooding back! I needn't have worried. I was talked through every piece of equipment and weight and with a couple of personal training sessions under my belt there was really no stopping me. I had been converted! I now LOVED the gym! Not only had I seen weight (my large behind was now less large) drop by nearly a stone, but my fitness levels had increased beyond compare, I am more confident, have more energy, focus and determination.

So if you are thinking you'd like to get rid of those bingo wings, be able to wear that figure hugging dress without having to breath in all night or just want to get up of the sofa, gain some fitness and have some time for yourself, I would say don't be afraid. 

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