Exercise helps the student mind

Mar 23, 2018

Before you blow off practice because you need to study for a big exam you might want to keep this in mind. Besides leaving you feeling energized and refreshed, exercise improves attention, speed of processing, and the ability to perform cognitive tasks. There has also been evidence between the connection of exercise and higher mental processes of memory and the ability to juggle different intellectual tasks at the same time.

When you are exercising, you change your blood chemistry and make nutrients more available to the brain. This increase in blood circulation also enhances energy production and waste removal. The hormone epinephrine, stimulated by exercise, increases your awareness and therefore your ability to concentrate.

In the long run, exercise will help you to better deal with daily stresses. It has also been found to offset some of the mental decline that comes with aging. With this increase of over-all mental well-being (less depression, less anxiety, increased self-esteem) you will be enabled to perform better in your studies. So remember, both your body and mind need physical activity to function at their peak. A strong body leads to a strong mind.

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